The AWG-IV is a very robust wave gauge for shallow water and coast applications. It can be installed in about 2 hours. The output is an analog signal only. The sample rate is about 100Hz. A complete set incl. data logger + gprs modem is available on request.

In general the device consists of the following elements: a special sensor wire, an electronic unit and a support structure. The shipment will be carried out in a disassembled way. After assembling the calibrated version the supply creates a current loop of 0-20 mA, when exposed in water. The actual sensor consists of a special resistant wire with a very low resistance. At this wire an alternating voltage (AC) with app. 1 kHz is been inducted. Because of the AC voltage no electrolysis can occur. The current loop is closed via a tracing back wire, which runs inside the support structure pipes. The measuring wire is spanned between the low end of the support (sub connector) and a clamp contact unit. The wire connection at the electronic housing (head-unit) is carried out via a tension pliers unit. A stainless steel spring at the “sub-unit” provides the required tension of the sensor wire. The stainless steel support structure is also used as a potential electrode and therefore it should not be isolated in any way. If deployed at harbour areas were electric earth currents can not be avoided (noise) the structure should be mounted isolate to sheet pilings or at measuring posts (not necessary for wood posts).



  • Temperature in operation: -10°C – +40°C
  • Temperature non operation: -10°C – +40°C
  • Humidity foot unit: watertight up to 2 bar
  • Humidity Electronic: watertight IP65
  • Energy Voltage: 10.. 30 VDC
  • Energy Power: approx 1,000 mW
  • Measuring length wire: 10m max.
  • Weight complete: approx 30kg (10m)

Measuring tolerance and ranges

  • Temperature drift: 1%
  • Scaling: 0..20mA full wire span, 0..5V full wire span
  • Resolution: 3mm

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