To minimize the risk of cable breakage, lightning damage and electrolyses ARGUS developed a novel DATA-POWER-SWIVEL (DPS) which can handle tensions above 4 ( 10) tons. The rotary joint contains a wireless optical data port at a transfer rate of 115.2 kb/s half duplex. The serial data in- and output is a RS485, RS 422 and RS232. With RS 422 and RS485 the cable can be as long as 1,300 m depending on the cable quality (twisted pair).
Another interesting feature is the possibility of powering up instruments or charging batteries mounted on a submerged frame. The swivel contain a DC/DC converter which inducts power through an air gap (water gap). Thus the swivel galvanically isolates the floating system from the submerged part.


All moving parts utilize water-lubricated ceramic balls and plain radial bearings made of teflon and delrin. These parts can be easily replaced if worn down. Therefore the unit contain no o-ring or grease sealed bearings.


The unit can be coupled with CTERM and ADD components found on our product list.


Special cable mouldings are available on request.

  • Tensil strength: 4 tons (4000kg) other strength on request
  • Material: Titanium
  • Cable length: 1.300 m max.
  • Pressure: 80 m maximum deployment depth, other ranges on request
  • Dimensions: 700 mm length, 90 mm diameter
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Data transfer: serial: rs 485, 422, 232 (115.2 kb/s)
  • Power transfer: DC/DC fly back converter
  • Efficiency: 70 % max.
  • Power over gap: 20 watt
  • Voltage: 11…17 vdc input, 15 vdc output
  • Current: 2.0 amps. max, low power 40mA
  • Additional: energy management

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