Oceanographic instruments and systems

Argus is located in a village close to Bremen, Germany. The main business is designing oceanographic instruments and systems and realizing monitoring projects. Argus is one of the leader when it comes to detect ship inducted waves and currents at shore lines and estuaries.

Beyond our senses

The world of waters still keeps a lot of secrets to be elicited. Some hydraulic processes are miracles for us still. Engineers, surveyors, hydrographers and scientists want to describe processes they discover. But humans do not have enough senses to read all signals from nature, they need assistance. Oceanographers and instrument manufacturers are keen to invest a lot of money in developments to find the right instrument to formulate a question for an unknown process. How can we proof the process? Sensors and instruments extend the number of human senses and can give answers. What has started with thermometers filled with liquids, humidity sensors containing human hair or, using a coiled up pipe to measure pressure got us to the present stage providing acoustical, optical, magnetical etc. instruments using complex algorithm to convert the physical parameters into reproducible numbers.

Custom Development

We specialize in sensor and controller development. We provide system technology for data buoys and landers

Instruments and gear

We develop and manufacture oceanographic instruments and monitoring systems


We realize monitoring projects for coast protection and spezialize in shallow water applications


Argus operates as a consulting partner on systems and applications to realize monitoring projects.