Our Services / What we do

Oceanographic Instrument Manufacturing

Since 32 years Argus develops oceanographic instruments and gears. One of the main product is the ASM (Argus Suspension Monitor) series. This multistage OBS profiler is in use in many applications worldwide. The AWG (Argus Wave Gauge) detects wave activities at the shore. It can combined with the DAC (Data Acquisition Container) for a complete monitoring system.

Customized instrumentation

On request Argus will redesign standard instruments to meet customers needs like lab versions. Argus develops sensor technologies for application plans provided by clients. If instruments are not available to realize a project Argus offers adapted developments and software.

Contract development

Beside customized Instrument developments Argus offers R&D on other oceanographic gear. Examples are a boat towed vertical temperature monitor, a mutliple battery powered power supply etc.


As a direct contractor or subcontractor Argus creates complete monitoring stations. The systems include planning, sensor technology, complete hardware gear construction, programming, testing, installation and maintenance over the entire project duration time.

Realtime data acquisition  systems

Our realtime data acquisition systems are primarily based on Campbell data loggers. These loggers are universal and provide a good variety of different units.  The loggers are implemented in our DAC systems and been used in submerged containers or cabinets above water. In combination with our PSC containers and instruments Argus provides complete data acquisition systems to detect ship inducted waves, currents, turbidities etc.

Argus Gesellschaft für Umweltmesstechnik mbH is one of the leading companies in Germany for precise high frequency wave measurements. Argus provides a simple, low cost and high effective system to help scientists and hydrographers to calculate the parameters needed to build protective constructions or to protect natural habitats.


Universities and other institutions often need assistance to realize research, PHD or other monitoring projects. The experties of Argus is been requested frequently.

International activities

Data buoy in the irish canal at Wylfa. Behind the nuclear power plant on the island of Anglesay North Wales. Argus was contracted to develop and manufacture an automatic data monitoring container saddling a standard marker buoy and data cable assembly. Data was stored on an local memory and was send to a Port-Log (Oceanwise) data server. Duration time one year.