About The Company

ARGUS Gesellschaft für Umweltmesstechnik mbH


Argus was founded 1990 in Oldenburg as an engineering office for coastal monitoring and consultancy. The main contractor was the government. 1995 J. R. Gutkuhn took over a 30% share from ARGUS and became a technical manager. 2001 Argus moved to Ritterhude a village close to Bremen, Germany. J.R. Gutkuhn is the only manager of ARGUS and a 100% owner since. Argus is servicing several institutions in Germany and other countries. The main business is designing oceanographic instruments and systems and realizing monitoring projects. Argus is one of the leader when it comes to detect ship inducted waves and currents in shallow waters at shore lines and estuaries. Between 1995 and 2016 ARGUS developed several oceanographic instruments and gear. Every second year period ARGUS attends to the Oceanology International in London providing the novelties designed.


Argus manufactures the ASM Turbidity profiler and the DPS Intelligent rotary joint. The ASM is been in use for may years now worldwide. The DPS is the first wireless complete rotary communication joint used in high tension applications when it comes to galvanically decoupling. Argus does provide custom development for oceanographic instruments and controllers.


Argus does provide complete monitoring systems for coast protection projects at tidal flats and sallow waters.


Argus assists other companies and institutions and offers consultancy for project realization.


The Argus lab is equiped with different pressure containers, pressure sources, circulation tank and has access to wave canals and simulation facilities in partner institutes. Sieving machines, accurate scales and vacuum chambers are used for sediment specification.

The Argus electronic lab is equiped with modern oscilloscopes, soldering stations, precise power supplies, and can look on a good high quality component stock for standard and military electronic parts. In the mechanic work shop bolts threats etc. can be turned on a lathe, prototypes been milled and constructions welded.


Argus and his partners can offer a wide range of instruments, software  and moorings from his own stock. Multiple remote stations can be locked via a radio network to a main station on a long distance. A variety of data loggers, ADC and radio modems are included in the Argus portfolio. All data acquisition systems can be remote controlled and set up as real time monitors.


Argus develops his own acquisition and control software and additional tools to process data. The software design tools in use are Labview (NI), C++ (Microsoft), MFC to program PIC Microchip), Atmega (Atmel), etc. Argus does support Campbell data loggers.